Q: What does Anahau Mean?

A: The name “Anahau” is derived from the Filipino word "Anahaw" (pronounced ana-how), the national leaf of the Philippines. The Anahaw leaf, or Livistonia Rotundifolia in Latin, is a very common symbol in the Philippines and is often used to indicate high achievement, strength and loyalty.

Q: What are the primary services provided by anahau energy?

A:  Anahau provides wholesale energy, large industrial end-use energy, risk management services, and asset management support.

Q: how do i obtain a copy of the certification for anahau?

A:  Send your email request to info@anahauenergy.com or give us a call at (310) 414-2300.


Q: how do i establish a supply or services relationship with anahau?

A:  There are three easy ways to reach an Anahau representative:

1)  Send a request through the Contact Us page

2)  Give us a call at (310) 414-2300

3)  Send an email to info@anahauenergy.com


Q: how far is the beach from the anahau office?

A:  Less than a mile.


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