Anahau Energy, LLC is an El Segundo based energy company founded in 2005 by two of its managing partners, Suyen Pell and Theresa Gendron. In 2013, Inupiat Energy and EDF Trading North America, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Electricite D'France, joined as managing partners and equity investors. This unique partnership structure provides Anahau with unmatched financial and operational strength. Anahau is active in the physical and financial commodities markets across the United States. 

Anahau is an award winning energy marketing and services company with long-standing service and supply relationships. It specializes in providing reliable service and wholesale supply of natural gas, power, and renewable products to utilities, municipalities, and industrial end-users.



Strategic Partner

In September, 2013, Anahau Energy, LLC welcomed EDF Trading North America, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Electricite D'France,  as a strategic partner and equity owner in the Company.  EDFT brings a wealth of global energy expertise, North American capabilities, and financial and credit strength to Anahau to support its rapidly growing energy marketing platform. 

Current ownership interest is held by Encarnacion Ventures Inc., lnupiat Energy Partners, LLC, and EDF Trading North America, LLC. 51% of the member interest is held by entities with diverse ownership (Asian and Native Alaskan).


our origins

The name “Anahau” is derived from the Filipino word "Anahaw" (ana-how), the national leaf of the Philippines. The Anahaw leaf, or Livistonia Rotundifolia in Latin, is a very common symbol in the Philippines and is often used to indicate high achievement, strength and loyalty. The Anahaw leaf is considered one of the most beautiful and versatile plants in the Philippines. Indigenous groups have found many uses for it, from roofing to fans and hats, but the leaf’s core function will always be securing, storing and converting energy via photosynthesis to help plants grow and thrive. The founders of Anahau Energy were captivated by the idea that a leaf that is light and fragile can play such a crucial role in the creation and management of energy. The role of the Anahaw leaf is similar to Anahau’s role in the field of energy. Anahau Energy uses its vast experience in the natural gas market to provide innovative solutions for today’s energy trading needs, helping its clients radiate growth and profit. Anahau Energy, LLC is built on long-standing relationships in the energy industry and fueled by specialized knowledge in natural gas, electric power, renewable energy, marketing, logistics, corporate fulfillment and utility natural gas procurement. Our company-client team concept has led to many successful solutions for today’s energy trading needs.


mission and values

Our mission is to build and maintain a robust, reliable company that creates winning relationships for our clients and our community.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity: We pledge to deliver the highest standard of service with loyalty, ethics, respect and enthusiasm.
  • Commitment: We strive for excellence and efficiency in meeting every client’s needs.
  • Profitability: We develop successful relationships that generate consistent and exceptional long-term returns.
  • Diversity: We promote a range of experience, backgrounds, thought and styles.
  • Innovation: We engage in creative thinking for sustainable and responsible growth.
  • Teamwork: We foster talented and committed individuals who collaborate to achieve optimal performance and make an extraordinary difference.